RISE supports high-achieving, diverse students as they transition from high school to college.

RISE provides both financial and program support to students as they transition from high school to college. By supplying students with essential information that will help them manage the rigorous and challenging aspects of life at Rowan, the program aims to ensure that students successfully complete their college education.

The Admissions department invites students to join RISE in response to their applications. The program focuses on incoming freshmen who have the potential to bring a fresh, new angle of diversity to Rowan University. These individuals are high achieving students from high schools here in New Jersey who have been deeply involved in school activities as well as within their communities. These students also exemplify the career drive and focus to get to where they feel they need and want to be in life. This program is available to help foster these goals well into their future.

The RISE Scholarship Program is dedicated to:

  • Academic success through advising, group meetings, workshops and on-campus support services
  • Career development and  networking connections through our events
  • Community awareness and involvement through volunteer and on campus activities
  • Financial assistance/awareness for every student within the program
  • Peer relationships built through our RISE Mentor Program and other university events